Application process - Federal Skilled Trade (FST)


Eligibility under the Federal Skilled Trades Class is assessed on a pass or fail basis, with applicants required to fulfill the following four requirements:

  1. Have offers of employment from one or two Canadian employers for a duration of at least one year in an eligible skilled trade (NOC Skill level B), OR Hold certification of qualification for that trade from a Canadian provincial or territorial regulatory body;
  2. Provide evidence of sufficient language proficiency in one of Canada’s two official languages;
  3. Have 24 months of work experience in the last five years in the skilled trade, after trade qualification, where applicable;
  4. Be qualified to meet the requirements of the job offer(s) or trade in Canada, as defined by the NOC;

The Federal Skilled Trades Class is not open to applicants wishing to establish themselves in the Province of Quebec which has its own authority to select applicants.

Contract Signing
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EE Sabmition
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Submit Full Documents
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ITA Receiving
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